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Where new and existing restaurant owners come for experienced mentorship to elevate themselves and their businesses.

Our virtual coaching programs are designed to help restaurant owners become more knowledgeable, establish efficient and effective operation strategies which ultimately leads to maximizing profitability and creating time freedom to live the restaurant life they've always wanted. 

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Over 20+ Years of Combined Restaurant Experience

We Get It, We've Been There Too

It's Time to Run Your Restaurant, Not Your Restaurant Run You

Imagine what life would look like if...

  • You showed up with an abundant mindset to accomplish anything.

  •  You understood restaurant profitability at its core & your business finances.

  •  You had all the efficient systems in place to run a profitable restaurant.

  •  You could effectively manage a restaurant, while making a livable income & not be over consumed.

  •  You had more insight into menu management & control over costing which would improve your overall bottom line.

  •  You gained knowledge around exceptional customer service increase guest retention. 

  •  You learned how to interview, train and retain the best restaurant industry team members. 

  •  You learned new marketing strategies from experts in digital & social media marketing?

  •  You could take the leap and open additional locations.

If I knew then, what I know now... 

No one tells you how hard operating a restaurant really is. Early mornings, late nights, hard physical work- and by that we mean blood, sweat and tears.

Our combined 20+ years of restaurant experience will help coach you through what NOT to do. To avoid the mistakes we've made in the past saving you time, money and loads of frustration.

That's why we are here to help. We've been there. We are in the thick of it everyday in our own businesses. We experience the highs and lows, but we also know how to thrive and build successful businesses through proven systems and strategies.

It's time to work smarter, not harder and increase your bottom line so you can live a quality life outside of your restaurant.

Meet Your Mentors

Meet Lauren Storeby and Tiffany Helton, two female restaurant owners that have a combined 20+ years of real and raw restaurant ownership experience. They have been in your shoes and know the ins and outs of running a successful restaurant business. They currently work day in and day out in their businesses AND they are both moms- YES it can be done! The restaurant life you've always wanted can be yours. It's time to start investing in yourself and building the business you've always dreamed of- without feeling over consumed by your restaurant. "Reach High, Breathe Easy, Smile Always"

Hi I'm Tiffany!

My name is Tiffany Helton and it's so great to meet you! I am the Co-Founder of Stuft a Burger Bar in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have a true passion for cooking and customer service and I love to make that personal connection with my guests. I am a results driven, strong woman and I truly love this industry. 

Here's my background... I started working in a snack shop when I was 15. After I graduated High School I made the big move to beautiful Colorado from Los Angeles. As soon as I arrived I started working at a local bar and grill at 18 years old. After learning how to be a bouncer, cook and bartender I finally had my chance to learn the General Manager position. I spent 8 years running a very successful operation with the help of some amazing mentors.

After several years, I decided I needed a change. I stepped into a role at a fast casual sandwich shop where I met my business partner (my boss at the time). We went on to open up our own restaurant Stuft burger bar. I am very grateful for the opportunity he gave me and work extremely hard at it everyday! He and I have a great partnership and have been partners for over 10 years.

Somehow along the way, on my "time off" I managed to meet my amazing husband and we have two wonderful little boys. Being a Mom is the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had. I always say if it wasn't for them I'd still be working 80 hours a week. 

I've had the privilege of working alongside some amazing chefs and managers throughout the years. Our restaurants have had some amazing accolades over the years as well. "Yahoo! Travel's Best Fries" award, and The Burger Battle Winner. I was also extremely honored with being chosen for The Coloradoan's "Super Woman" Award. 

Two years ago I became a part time Restaurant Consultant at the Larimer County Small Business Development Center where I mentor and coach up and coming restauranteurs. I was voted Consultant of the Year in 2020. I have met the most talented people and have helped them to increase their sales, secure locations, and reduce expenses. I truly have a passion for helping other people. Are you ready to be helped? Are you ready to thrive?


Check Out Stuft Burger Bar Here

Hey I'm Lauren!

My name is Lauren Storeby and it's so great to meet you! My husband and I own Snack Attack Specialty Sandwiches & Brews located in Midtown Fort Collins! Some would call me a serial entrepreneur- I just love working for myself, creating new businesses and helping others thrive to live their best lives! I enjoy working my creative side and also diving into the nitty-gritty of numbers.

Here's my background... I grew up in the restaurant business. My parents opened a small grill shop when I was 8 years old where you would find me helping at the register and sweeping up the floor. My parents have always been self-employed which gave me the inspiration to own my worth and continue the legacy of being an entrepreneur.

When I turned 15 and got an official workers permit, I continued that restaurant life working in various concepts ranging from yogurt shops, to burger stands, corporate structures and family owned establishments all through college and even after. I feel in love with the customer service aspect of making peoples day and building relationships.

I've been employed with small family owned business to high level corporate restaurants including Islands Burgers, Yard House Restaurants and Fisherman's Wharf. Throughout my experience I've held positions including hosting, serving, bartending, table service and management as well as time spent being a corporate trainer. I've seen the ins and outs of restaurants in all levels.

I took a 6 year hiatus to follow my dreams of working in the apparel industry gaining knowledge as a product developer for brands including Oakley, Fox Head, Quicksilver, Abercrombie & Fitch, Roxy, Billabong and even created and owned my own clothing line, SelaWear Inc. My time as a product developer prepared me to be a restaurant owner through working the trenches of branding, merchandise marketing, costing, developing processes and procedures but most importantly attention to detail.

In 2017 my husband and I took the jump into the American dream and opened our first restaurant together, Snack Attack Specialty Sandwiches & Brews. In a short 3 years we've built a successful 6 figure and community driven business serving up the best sandwiches and beers in town! Our first year we were voted top three best sandwich in Fort Collins, as well as top three best sandwiches in Northern Colorado!

I'm also proud to say I'm a Larimer County Small Business Development Center consultant for restaurant owners! 

In a nutshell I have a deep passion for helping others and teaching them what I've learned on how to run a successful restaurant business. I'm hear to help save you time and money and live that restaurant life you've always dreamed of. Are you ready? Let's do this!

Check Out Snack Attack Here

Our programs are structured on the 3P's


It's so important that you have a solid foundation to build your business on. Without a roadmap where do you know where you are or where you need to go? Our programs help you create a strategic plan to help get you set up for success.


The restaurant business is all about reducing waste and improving efficiency. Without consistent processing your operation will not run smoothly, leading to wasted time and money. Our goal is to coach you on implementing strategic processes which will formulate maximized profitability and give you the gift of time freedom.


Why get into this business to not be profitable? Our program goals are to drive maximized profitability for your restaurant business and teach you how to analyze, identify profit opportunity, manage and even scale your business.

What to Expect from Our 8 Week Programs

Our online coaching & mentoring programs will guide you and give you a better understanding through all aspects of restaurant ownership, whether you're in start up mode or have been in business and need help elevating.

We discuss all areas of restaurant operations and give you the tools to be a better leader, understand your business operations and how to improve your bottom line, aka more money in the bank!

Real & relatable educational curriculum.

Weekly "Take Action" implementation assignments to complete (because YES you have to do the work).

Weekly group zoom meetings.

Bi-weekly one-on-one zoom calls to dive more into your business for personalized attention and goal setting.

Unlimited one-on-one Voxer access for daily support.

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Opening a restaurant is exciting and fun, but the reality is that it's much harder than it looks. Our start up concept program is designed for soon-to-be restaurant business owners. This program curriculum will help guide you through the start up phase of restaurant ownership and how to set you up for success.

Looking for specified mentorship in only certain areas of your business?

Our mini module downloads are the perfect solution for the busy restauranteur that is ready to elevate but doesn't need the additional support systems our traditional programs offer.


We understand the struggles that new restaurant owners face, especially in their first year of business. Did you open a restaurant thinking "oh this is going to be easy" and now find yourself struggling to operate, feeling overwhelmed and needing some guidance on how to gain control? Then one of our "In Business" programs would be a great fit for you.

Who We Help

Our programs best benefit those restauranteurs that are either entering start up mode or those operating within their first few years of business. We do offer a customizable program built specifically for your needs- need help with marketing and profit building? We've got you covered! Our carefully crafted programs will help those feeling overwhelmed, needing help with strategizing and establishing processes ultimately gaining control, learning more about their operations and increasing their bottom line. Does this sound like you? Yeah we've been there before! Book a call to chat with us!

What Our Clients Are Saying

We are beyond appreciative for our clients that have committed to signing up and doing the work with our programs! We are so proud of their progress, commitment and eagerness to learn. See what they are saying about their experience with ORA.

Pat & Amanda Olson, The Market Lisbon ND

"We absolutely loved working with Lauren and Tiffany with ORA. We went from zero restaurant experience to feely comfy and confident in our ability to open our Eatery."

Julie Shaffer, AKA Kitchen, Loveland CO

"ORA is an excellent course for all restaurant owners and managers. It is well thought out, prepared and the sequence of topics were great! The quality and quantity of practical, useful information is invaluable. I would recommend this course to anyone in the restaurant industry. Tiffany and Lauren are both so knowledgeable and have a sincere passion for helping others reach their goals."

Chaz Maull, Decorum, Chicago IL

"ORA is the BEST investment I've made yet. Lauren & Tiffany are gifted. Because of them I am now READY to open my restaurant." 

Why Our Program is Different

We are real, raw and ready to help.

  • We've been in your shoes and we ended up learning the hard way- wasting time AND money.
  • We are currently working in the business and learning how to adapt to this new world of Covid.
  • We dive right in and assess your current state of business along with a P&L review. Because that's the most important part- identifying what is and isn't working for you.
  • 8 weeks of real hands-on in the business topics and accountability that you're doing the work.
  • No fluff- straight to the point discussions.
  • We are able to talk to both quick causal and full service concepts.
  • Our weekly topics are designed to build upon each other through foundational topics, educational curriculum, real time implementation and daily support.
  • We will be inviting other industry experts to talk on specific topics.
  • Our discussions will be real and raw- true transparency on all topics. That means everyone signs a NDA to ensure you are in a safe space to discuss your business.
  • This program was created out of the want to help other restaurant owners survive. It's a tough business and we want to coach owners to be successful and thrive!

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Ready to jump into restaurant ownership confidence and start to live the restaurant life you've always wanted? Learn on the go! Mix and match the programs you need to start up or take your restaurant to the next level.


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